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Pearson Clinical Assessment Digital Platforms Operations 

Security & Data privacy 

Pearson Global Information Security 

Pearson’s global information security policies are based on the ISO-27001 information security norm. These policies are subject to annual review. The policies are owned by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), and under direct control of the CISO office is the dedicated Security Operations Control group (SOC). This group continuously monitors our infrastructure on security threats and manages incidents as they arise. 


ISO 27001 certification 

  • Pearson Clinical is certified for ISO 27001 across Europe, for those countries where we hold an office, since December 2021. 
  • Local implementation of our policies and controls is/will be governed by the local Information Security Management System (ISMS). 
  • An ISMS review and risk assessment is conducted annually by the local Management Review team. This is under supervision of the Regional Information Security Officer (RISO) for our Core region (which includes Europe). 

ISO-27001 based Global Information Security Management Policies: 

  • 5 Information Security Policies 
  • 6 Organization of Information security 
  • 7 Human Resources Security 
  • 8 Asset Management 
  • 9 Access Control 
  • 10 Cryptography 
  • 11 Physical and Environmental Security 
  • 12 Operations Security 
  • 13 Communications Security 
  • 14 System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance 
  • 15 Supplier Relationships 
  • 16 Information Security Incident Management 
  • 17 Information Security Aspects of Business Continuity Management 
  • 18 Compliance 

Data Privacy & GDPR 

  • Pearson has implemented a program to ensure compliance of its organization and products with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 
  • Pearson is the data processor for the purposes of the GDPR of all personal data perspective. 
  • Pearson will fully cooperate with clients to let them fulfil their obligations as the data controller under GDPR. 
  • Pearson will formally enforce compliance by all of its vendors with these obligations (sub-processors in the definition of GDPR). 
  • Our Data Privacy Officer is currently based in the UK. 


Pearson works together with the vendors listed below to deliver service to its customers. For the purpose of GDPR, these are Sub-Processors. Compliance to both the Pearson Information Security and Data Privacy policies and controls as well as the obligations under GDPR are enforced via a formal agreement between Pearson and these vendors. 


In use for 

Personal data records processed 

Amazon AWS, Canada 

-Q-global; Hosting of the platform & data 

-Q-interactive; Hosting of the platform & data 

-Client user accounts 

-Basic patient/examinee demographics 

-Patient/examinee test responses 

-Patient/examinee test scores 

BellShape, The Netherlands 

-P2O/BellShape; Hosting of the platform & data 

-Client user accounts 

-Basic patient/examinee demographics 

-Patient/examinee test responses 

CloudVPS, The Netherlands 

-P2O/BellShape; Hosting of the platform & data 

-Basic patient/examinee demographics 

-Patient/examinee test scores 

Bahnhof, Sweden 

-Cogmed; Hosting of platform & data 

-Client user accounts (Coaches) 

ISM, The Netherlands 

-Pearsonclinical.nl/be e-commerce; Hosting of the platform & data 

-Basic client user account & contact information 

Bulheller, Germany 

-Hosting of the platform & data (Sosie & 5DDP) 

-Basic patient/examinee demographics 

-Patient/examinee test scores 


More information: 


Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions 







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